“For I’m more determined than life itself to make it and be heard in this lifetime…”


Bronx-born artist V-Henny started writing music at the age 14. Expressing herself thru a mixture of struggle, hunger for life and survival combined into poetry which transformed into HIP HOP. Living in a house full of music from DJ’s, Break dancers, Rappers and Salsero’s, she grew up to learn the great aspect, legends and ICONS of music.

Ripping the mic and gaining respect from the streets to the stage. V-Henny maintained her balance in what she believes in. Standing tall with Music in her heart. Destined to show the world her passion, potential and determination in her sound. Strong and effective with her Puerto Rican roots to the beginning of when HIP HOP was Born. She grew up to the sounds of ” El Cantante” Hector Levoe, “Mona Lisa” Slick Rick to “Juicy” The Notorious B.I.G.

“Inspired by many artists in the Hip Hop world, I hope to one day inspire others with my soul-written words and my love for music.”


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